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    Forget Mangaweka, head to Manakau [Deer Farming Museum]  [NZ]  
By Joel Maxwell, stuff.co.nz
8th May


    Large scale Waikato deer development takes off  [NZ]  
Gerald Piddock, stuff.co.nz
9th May
    Learning experience for Southland deer farmers  [NZ]  
Diane Bishop, stuff.co.nz
    13th February
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    Loss of capital deer stock 'big problem'  [NZ]  
    By Rob Tipa, stuff.co.nz
    1st December
    Deer farmers aim for year-round sales  [NZ]  
    By Tim Cronshaw, stuff.co.nz
    2nd November
Deer farmers improve drench use  [NZ]  
    12th August
Taste grows for venison  
    By Jamie-Lee Smith, The Land (Australia)
    1st August
Venison producer value-adds with specialist antler knives 
    By Alex Blucher, ABC Rural
    23rd July
Deer need a triple drench [NZ]  
    5th August
Cervelt development 'no walk in park'  [NZ]  
    By David Porter, Bay of Plenty Times
    11th June
Embryo transfers give deer breeding programme genetic boost  [NZ]  
    5th May
New course in deer management  [NZ]  
    Otago Daily Times
    2nd May
Australian Animal Welfare Standards & Guidelines:
   Specific Requirements for the Land Transport of Deer
    February 2014, ADF Magazine
Buxton Red Deer Farm: Soils    
    Andy Cowan

    February 2014, ADF Magazine
World's most expensive socks [NZ]
     By Kurt Bayer, The New Zealand Herald
    14th March
Deer milk cheese trial under way [NZ]
     Radio New Zealand News
    23rd January
New Zealand farmers John Falkner, Simon Berry set to market cheese made with deer milk
     By Dominique Schwartz, ABC News
    6th January
Milk and cheese, deer?
     By Dominique Schwartz, ABC News
    2nd January

Buxton Red Deer Farm    
    Andy Cowan

    November  2013, ADF Magazine
Velvet and "The Meaning of Life" [Akoonah Deer Farm]  
    Michael Coffin

    November  2013, ADF Magazine
Weaning time crucial to deer profitability [NZ]
     By Ruth Grundy, Otago Daily Times
    13th December
Glenhope Farm    
    Andrew Hansen

    August  2013, ADF Magazine
Over the moon about deer cheese [NZ]
    Otago Daily Times

    2nd August
Food Week - Orange, NSW   
    May  2013, ADF Magazine
Winter Issue Preview: Glenhope Farm   
    May  2013, ADF Magazine
Spring Issue Preview: Buxton Red Deer Farm
    May  2013, ADF Magazine
Max Bania: Deer cheese no longer a farce [NZ]
8th June

Deer farming now profitable
    By Paula Thompson, Stock Journal (Aust)

   17th April
Viewpoint: Farm virus spreads to deer [UK]
    By Prof Jonathan Ball, BBC: News, Science & Environment
    22nd Feb

Deer and Pasture Management
    November  2012, ADF Magazine
Deer Facts: White-Tailed Deer
    November  2012, ADF Magazine
Farming Profile - Rocklands
    November 2012, ADF Magazine
Photography special: The red deer rut  [UK]
    By Cate Devine, Herald Scotland
    3 Nov

Horizon Scholarship
Supports undergraduates studying agriculture at university)
    RIRDC, rirdc.gov.au
,  n.d.
Farming deer in Britain and New Zealand [bibliography]
   Natural Sciences Forum, ?

n.d. Sept 2012   
Why we need good facilities
    August  2012, ADF Magazine
Deer Facts: Chinese Water Deer
    August  2012, ADF Magazine
Ardno Deer Park: Apology & Clarification
    August  2012, ADF Magazine
Perpective: Ohio Deer Farms
    August  2012, ADF Magazine
Red Deer Cave People
    August  2012, ADF Magazine
Hawkes Hill home to versatile, majestic elk
    By Jane Fyksen, Agri-View, US
    2 Aug 2012

Dominant deer hinds choose best food to maintain status among peers
    zeenews.india.com, India
21 July 2012

Deer farmers eye Europe 
    By Tim Cronshaw, stuff.co.nz, NZ
    6 July  2012

An obscure industry struggles for growth
    By Yelena Kozlova, Olesya Krechetova, The Moscow Times, Russia
    5 July  2012

Siberian red deer farms in the Altai Mountains
    RIA Novosti, Russia

    27 June 2012
Farming Profile – Ardno Deer Park  
May 2012, ADF Magazine
Deer Facts – Fallow Deer
May 2012, ADF Magazine
Longitudinal pathogenesis study of young red deer ... after experimental challenge with [Johne's disease]  
Research article by Colin Mackintosh et al, AgResearch, NZ
20 April 2012

Wildcats spotted in Yarra Ranges [... stalking deer]    
Free Press Leader, Victoria, AUST

    22 Feb 2012  
Study Tracks Deer Impacts on Pest Plants
    February 2012, ADF Magazine,


A Glimpse Into The Future For Deer Farmers?
    October 2011
ADF Magazine
Deer Facts - Musk Deer
    October 2011
, ADF Magazine
NZ News: Two Thirds of Sheep and Deer Flock Infected by Johne's
    August 2011
, ADF Magazine,
New Zealand: The 1080 Debate
    August 2011, ADF Magazine

Foot and Mouth Disease
    August 2011, ADF Magazine

Farmday: Calling All Farmers to Open Their Gates
    April 2011, ADF Magazine

Tiger Poo New Secret Weapon Against Introduced Deer on Gold Coast
    April 2011, ADF Magazine

Tiger Poo Shoos Pests
    April 2011, ADF Magazine

South Korea Hit by Foot-and-Mouth Outbreak
    February 2011, ADF Magazine

Stud Deer Auction Goes Online (NZ)
    February 2011, ADF Magazine

Deer Fence No Defence (Aust)
    February 2011, ADF Magazine


Deer Farming - the Altai Way
November 2010, ADF Magazine
NZ News: Drenching Resistance
November 2010, ADF Magazine
Media Release: New Levy for Livestock Farmers
November 2010, ADF Magazine
Farmers to Take Big Tax Hit
November 2010, ADF Magazine
RIRDC: Purchase of Veterinary Medicines from Overseas
November 2010, ADF Magazine
Akoonah Deer Farm: 20 Year Concise Summary
May 2010, ADF Magazine
RIRDC: Useful Websites
February 2010, ADF Magazine

Media Release: Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Workers Experienced the Highest Number of Work-Related Injuries
September  2009, ADF Magazine
Media Release: Assistance for Farmers Affected by February Floods in Queensland
June  2009, ADF Magazine
FarmReady Reimbursement Grants
February 2009, ADF Magazine

Media Release: Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (China)
August 2008, ADF Magazine
August 2008, ADF Magazine
Post Mortem
August 2008, ADF Magazine
Media Release: CSIRO Opens Rapid Response Animal Disease Centre
August 2008, ADF Magazine
Clyde Sefton
August 2008, ADF Magazine
Feed Preference: 35 3 / 4 Yearling Hinds
May 2008, ADF Magazine
RIRDC: Farm Health and Safety Under Scrutiny (ATVs)
May 2008, ADF Magazine
10 Years Ago: Deer Industry Evolution
May  2008, ADF Magazine
Rambling Around the Farm: Soil Sampling
May  2008, ADF Magazine
Rambling Around the Farm: Feed Costs
February 2008, ADF Magazine

Rambling Around the Farm: Nitrate Poisoning
November  2007, ADF Magazine
Deer: Family Cervidae
March  2007, ADF Magazine

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